Tans for Days

I need to preface this by reminding you that this hiatus was reader-inflicted. When you’ve got an appetite for content, the content will come! But back to what’s important…

SUN. And tans. Or burns. Hopefully tans, but usually burns. And this summer, I got super tan and it lasted for like two weeks and it was glorious and I was a bronzed goddess. I am no longer remotely tan, and it’s a very sad reality. Happy to relive the glory days in this post.

Do my feet look fat in this picture…

Would you believe there was a time this summer where I went to the beach twice in a week? It’s sort of astonishing, I know. One time, it was a walk along the water at Point Lookout on Long Island because it was a somewhat chilly, overcast day. But the other time, I took off a Monday from work to go to Rockaway Beach with Anna and Ilanna!


Rockaway Beach is in Queens… but it’s sort of confusing because, in order to get there via public transit, you have to travel through Brooklyn. Can you see where it is? All the way on the end of the A line. For me to get there, I also had to travel to Manhattan. Thanks to subway messiness, it ended up taking me close to three hours I think. Not ideal. But the day was surprisingly worth it!


I was expecting this public beach to be packed and dirty and loud. Instead it was calm and beautiful and the day was sunny and cloudless and not too hot. Truly, an NYC dream!

Those challah rolls are soooooo gooooooood.

I wish I could say I brought some snacks, but I’d picked up an iced coffee along the route and literally nothing else. Thank goodness I have good friends who snagged a bunch of yummy snacks, including what became sand-infused hummus (which sounds grosser than it tasted!).


The crowd was respectful and fun and the water was refreshing and I was living my best life. I would ask if you’re jealous, but I’m sure you’re not since you have access to this kind of thing on a daily basis practically year-round. I appreciate you indulging me.


And yes, there were birds there. But I still enjoyed myself. If that’s not called maturing, I don’t know what is.

Tell me you don’t want that.

After the beach — and what would become a quite nice tan — we were totally parched and got classic Italian ices. Do you know how tough that is to find in the city?! I’ll tell you — NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. Sure, the cherry flavor tasted a little funky, but did I care? NO WAY. (Also, shoutout to the pizza place we got it from where the slices looked sooooo good — also, I’m seriously LOLing because while looking this up for the blog, I realized the place is called Slices N Ices which is just perfect, hah)

Truly, the sun was blinding.

Will I be coming here again? I can’t say yes… ever. The schlep was intense and honestly, I’d prefer a Long Island beach where I can travel by car and bring my towel and stuff in bags that I won’t be carrying through subway transfers. But did it exceed my expectations? For sure!! And now I feel like an official city-dweller.

The white thing in the background is a life-size foosball court/field/game. How neat is that?!

That’s not the only sun I got that week, though. My department had an offsite where we visited one of the campgrounds that we help fund to explore the grounds, learn about the programming they offer, and do a little volunteering (and get some ices #winning). My group was assigned to stain some painting easels, which involved standing out in the B-L-A-Z-I-N-G sun and painting something nearly invisible onto wood. Yes, it was very difficult to remember what you’d already painted, so we probably each did a few extra layers. No worries.

Find me, find me!!!

There were so many happy campers — pun intended! – and it was fun to be in the total opposite environment of an office for a day. (But don’t worry, I’m strictly a non-camper.)


Everything was bright and cheery and the kids were laughing loudly and the sun was beating down… and beating down… and I sweat so much I probably lost a few pounds so yeah, it was HOT. Which also means I got a little tan… so, you win some, you lose some, right?

All in all, two very different but very successful sunny days. Will I get another tan before the summer is out? That, my friend, remains to be seen…

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