Rainbow Days

I know the title of this post is better suited for June (Pride Month) but sue me because it’s coming now. Better late than never! And better appropriate than irrelevant!

Why rainbow days, you ask? ‘Cause these days were all about #color (or #colour if you’re from England, but you’re not, so #color)

Also, rainbows are all about happiness, right? Aka the below pic…

Look at that happy fam!!! (Nice shirt on that boy. — is that linen?!

You were with me for the first colorful activity, Head Over Heels on Broadway! It was pretty cool going on the opening night of previews; hard to deny the electricity in the theater, filled with so many people who were friends, family, and supporters of the cast and crew. The show was well-liked in San Francisco, where it played before coming to New York. And it’s easy to remember why (volume up!). I loved it.

It’sssssssssssssss (almost) showtime!!

And it was extra fun to go because you all got to meet Jennie and her sister, Rebecca. How cool is it that Jennie’s name was in the playbill?! Talk about seeing your name in lightsprint! I’ve been texting and Snapchatting her every time i see a subway ad or hear a radio commercial or a see a TV spot about the show. She’s touched every marketing piece!

This pic makes me laugh because I think it looks like I crashed their show. Where’s my Playbill?!

In other colorful news, the next week I made a pretty palette myself painting wine glasses at Jess’ bridal shower! It’s such a unique idea and it was lots of fun. Not pictured are the smocks we had to wear, that had very deliberate-looking paint splatters on them that looked like intentional brushstrokes…


We painted two glasses each and a small part of me feels like that’s great because now I’ll have a backup for when I inevitably break the first one (#rememberyourapartment). I’m not great with glasses, that’s no secret.

Can you hear the very gentle “cling” of the classes? No? Probably for the best.

All the ladies painted and ate and then dried our glasses with a blowdryer (because we’re classy) and then headed back to Jess’ house to open gifts in a very crowded living room with lots and lots of presents. Clearly, the trick to opening a million gifts is to throw a bridal shower — keep that in mind, young child. All the cookware and bedding and towel sets you could dream of. You could laugh with joy — like below:

LOL-ing at nothing. Really. Our photographer told us to “pretend something is sooooo funny” …. so we did.

My mom also came to the bridal shower. And we took a picture because when’s the last time I got a pic of me and my mom?! Very long ago, that’s when!!

My mom is so beautiful!!! i love her!!!

What a great day! What a great weekend! What a great few weekends!

We don’t really all look like sisters… do we?

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