Astoria Eats

Girl likes to eat, let’s be clear about that. And I live in the right place for good food. I’ve recently hit up two new food joints in Astoria — pizza and ice cream. And I mean, is there any better diet than thin crust deliciousness and dairy-heavy dessert? No. The answer is NO.


Champion Pizza opened on Broadway a few months ago, and since my subway station was closed, I walked past it almost every. single. day. There are foldable doors in the front of the restaurant, and right after they opened, they’d keep the doors open and the smell of fresh pizza would waft out to the street. Smelling that on my walk home after work was UNREAAAAAL and I’ve proven I have willpower of steel after not succumbing to a post-commute slice.

That said, I was super excited when Harold agreed to try it out the other weekend! We each got two slices. Most of their slices are squares, but they have two or three pies that are regular. Very weird for the brain. And weirder for the box…

Spot the non-square slice!

I’ll detail those for you: you’re looking at two buffalo chicken slices, a Tuscany slice (which took me forever to find on their menu because I’d just call this ‘chicken and ranch’), and a plain slice. Harold insisted on getting a regular cheese slice to be able to judge them against other pizza — he’s not wrong. Gotta compare the classics to understand the real deal.

That buff chicken, babyyyyyy.

OK, let’s talk about this buffalo chicken slice. Harold and I were in agreement — this was a sweeter sauce than we were expecting and, to be honest, than we wanted. I’m totally a spicy buffalo chicken girl: get my eyes watering, glugging water between bites, that’s my kind of buffalo chicken pizza. This? It was kind of sweet and tangy. Had the taste of buffalo chicken… but like, G-rated. Don’t get me wrong, it was good! Very good! But not what I want. Sticking to Leo’s for buffalo chicken pizza ’round these parts (you have to basically order a whole pie and we always do because it’s SO FREAKING GOOD).

See? We liked it! Just didn’t love it.

I honestly liked the other slice better. And I was impressed — I’m not usually a fan of Sicilian slices, but the crust was BEYOND good on these!! Not rushing back here, but definitely was worth a visit and actually, now that I’m writing about it, I’m sort of craving pizza…

Yo girl had a knife but then realized she didn’t need it #embarrassing

So cool, that was pizza. Great times. But let’s talk dessert, because Astoria is quickly becoming a sugar CAPITOL. As you (hopefully) already know, Chip is a cookie store that came to the ‘hood just about a year ago and has straight up blownnnn uppppp, competing with famous Levain (which I think I’ve written about here!) as a top contender for best cookie in NYC. In keeping with the embarrassingly expensive sweets in Astoria, Ample Hills opened up an ice cream shop last week! It’s actually sort of across the street from Chip — and both of them are truly only a block away from me. BINGOOOO.

Those flavors thooooooo!

Ample Hills is known — at least to me — by their crazy flavor names and super fun ingredient combos. They’re legit popular — even Oprah likes them!! A few quick notes: 1) these prices are SKY HIGH and OBSCENE and I’m honestly grossed out by how expensive this stuff was, 2) Harold and I waited on line for about 45 minutes to get ice cream because the line was wrapped around the corner, 3) no, we would NOT have waited if we knew the line would take that long, 4) no, the ice cream was NOT worth a 45-minute wait, and 5) still trying to figure out how long of a wait it’s worth!! Anyway, we each got a small and I was able to get two flavors — can you guess which ones?!

Why does this picture make it all look so dark and gloomy when ice cream is HAPPY AND WONDERFUL!?

Spoiler: I got a scoop of Nectar of the Queens, a special flavor offered only at their Astoria location (they do a custom flavor for each location!) and PB Wins the Cup (which includes their homemade peanut butter cups and the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about how much you’d love it!). The ‘hood was ALL OVER the opening. Very exciting. Always down for ice cream, obviously.


I already said that the ice cream wasn’t worth the crazy wait — but how many things really are? That said, the ice cream was reaaaaally good. The flavors were so strong and the ice cream was super creamy and delicious. And even though the portions weren’t so large, they were perfect — any more and I might have had a stomach ache to deal with.

We each wanted ice cream in a cone but the girls scooping did NOT look confident so we opted for the very classy upside down cup/cone combo. Chic, I know.

Do these pictures make the ice cream look appealing? I feel like they don’t, and that makes me sad!!!


Will I be coming back to get more ice cream tomorrow? Nah, my wallet wasn’t made for that kind of hobby. Plus, I’d prefer to spend the bucks on iced coffee, let’s be real. But damn, for a treat this was some GOOD FOOOOOOOOD.


Let’s end this post for a little appreciation… FOR THOSE NAILS, amirite?! Fresh manicure that probably won’t even last by the time you read this. But they looked good then and they look good now as I’m typing this, and that’s all that matters #glamLOL

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