Friend-z Frenzy!

Isn’t friendship a beautiful thing? So beautiful that there are tons of songs about it:

If you’re ever in a jam, here I am! And don’t forget, you’ve got a friend in me! And the classic about being a true friend. (PS, it’s illegal to click a link and not watch a video in full.)

Well, on the theme of friends, let’s take a look at a few quick clips of what I’ve been up to super recently!

The other weekend, I met up with my former colleagues (and current friends) Jennie and Joc for brunch. The food was expensive, the ambiance was great, and the company was wonderful! We went to Sarabeth’s and OMG, we were sitting at the table right next to the one in the photo on their website. Funny story about that actually: at one point, there were two parents and their daughter sitting there, and the waitress brought out breakfast with a candle in it and started singing Happy Birthday to the girl, and straight up walked away after singing the first two lines. It was the saddest and weirdest birthday event I’d ever seen…

We’re so happy because we just had very yummy food! (I had lots of coffee, too!) Did you guess what I got from the menu?

That same weekend, I went to a bridal shower for Gina, who is now married to one of Harold’s best friends. Check out the cake, yo.

The bride doesn’t look like Gina, and the groom deffffinitely doesn’t look like Chami.

There were a few games (and lots of food) at the shower like these, which were pretty tough for me but I imagine could be both fun and easy if you were like, best friends with the bride-to-be. I should clarify — the one on the left is easier with a stronger relationship with the bride-to-be, and the one on the right is easier with a stronger relationship with your phone.

You know what happens after a bridal shower, right? A WEDDING! DUH! (You should have gotten that right.) I only bought like four dresses trying to figure out what was appropriate to wear for this wedding… being a girl, man. It’s rough.

The lighting in the reception room was so pinky purple it looks like we’re on another planet… or in a club. Neither of which are true. Also legit why is my watch SO HIGH UP on my arm?! Yeesh.

The wedding was super fun — Harold was in the party and we sat at a table with all his close friends, which was really fun. Lots of dancing, lots of eating (SO MUCH EATING — they had freaking NUTELLA CREPES for dessert… plus ice cream cake and cannolis and a chocolate fountain and ice cream and so much more…). But also there was a photo booth. So all the friends had a lot of fun…

Find me! Find Harold! Find the groom!

And then when Harold and I tried to take a picture on our own, one of his friends throw a blow-up float in front of the camera and literally THE PERFECT MOMENT and we couldn’t stop lawling…


Fun times. Other fun times? When your friend is in from Boston and you meet up at a random diner in Queens and chat for a few hours and she asks you to be her bridesmaid (for her wedding which doesn’t yet have a date) through a very VERY fun and creative and personalized word puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

I wonder if you can read any of the clues? Anyway, it spells out: WILL YOU BE MY BRIDESMAID

Aren’t friends GREAT?!?!??!

So are brothers. 🙂

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