A Walk in the Park(s)

Is this the most exciting thing I’ve done recently? No. But do I have pictures of the other stuff? Also no. to be honest, I went to three work events in the past two weeks which could have made interesting posts… but also, WORK? BORING!

Instead, let’s talk about two parks.

Let’s start with Madison Square Park, where I have yet to visit the Shake Shack and feel like maybe I never will because why haven’t I already?! Geez, I need to get it together. Anyway, this park is sort of confusing to me because in my head it’s super tiny, but there’s a dog park and a bunch of water situations and a playground for kids and a small performance space!

That’s the Shake Shack. Always crowded. Never with my body.

I’ve walked past this park probably more often than I’ve walked inside it, and let me tell you, the benches outside the perimeter of the park are a hot spot for homeless people. Not great. BUT! Inside, it’s stunning and beautiful, especially on the day I visited last week!

So greenery! Many water! Much beauty!

Sure, that park is beautiful — but it’s not my lunchtime park. No no. Since I work so close, on nice days I love to walk over to Central Park — like today!! High 70s, not a cloud in the sky… basically a perfect San Diego day.

This is my foot in Central Park. Can’t you tell? Look at how sunny it seems! Great pic, I know.

The sky was so blue, the trees were so green… and the pigeons were SO OUT. I packed up my lunch two different times and had to move benches because they kept pitter-pattering over nearby. It was very unpleasant.

This area was clear when I first sat down, so I thought it was safe. That was naive.

I’ve spent many a lunch hour eating in Central Park. I have my preferred space, plus the areas I know to avoid because of #pigeons and #squirrels (yes, all the park wildlife). I wanted to show you the area in a map, but this is just UNHELPFUL because I want to reference like, 3 square blocks. Anyway, the area I hang in is in the southeast corner, near a very pigeon-y entrance where all the bike rental people are trying to get tourists to pay for overpriced bikes. The path into the park is overridden with pigeons. It’s truly  terrifying. If I want to read, I’ll walk in a little further, a few blocks north right across from the Central Park Zoo, and sit on those benches in the sun. That area has more of the little birds, and those I can handle (for the most part).

What was I trying to capture with this photo? A tree? How original.

Today was SUCHHHH a gorgeous day, alllllll the tourists were out with their selfie sticks. Oh, to have the day off work and free to explore Manhattan. The dream.

That sky thooooooooo!!!

I’m a sucker for a beautiful day and a beautiful park, and I’m trying so hard to appreciate working close to one! I know this is what your every day is like, but this was a real treat for New Yorkers today 🙂

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