One of the perks of working at a religious nonprofit is that we get off for all the religious holidays. And I mean all the holidays. So the other Monday, I had off for a holiday that I don’t celebrate — and what better way to spend a day that everyone else you know is working than exploring… Brooklyn!

I decided to start the day by hopping on a CitiBike in Astoria. My plan was to bike along the waterfront until I hit the border near Queens and Brooklyn, and then hop onto a subway (because I biked over the Queensboro Bridge last year and basically had the worst biking experience ever ever ever).

Yaaaaaaaaas CitiBikeeeeeee

Sooooo… the “waterfront” sounds nicer than it was. There are a lot of factory-esque places… but also some parks and greenery!

Waterfront = not all bad!

Finally, once I made it to Brooklyn and had cleaned my hair of the really gross helmet padding that had shed all over my nice, clean scalp, I hopped on another CitiBike and made my way to Books Are Magic, a bookstore I’d visited once before that’s owned by an author I like, Emma Straub. (Okay, side note for a minute — this bookstore is straight-up amazing. Emma and her husband opened the store after the last neighborhood bookstore closed because they felt it was important to have a hometown one — swooooon! Plus, since she’s an author, she has infinite connections and they have events nearly every day of the week — and they’re FREE. Music to my lil’ ears!)

This is on the side of the bookstore — so cute, right? Everyone who visits takes a picture with it, but I was on the phone with mom at the time (bday call!!!) so I just snapped this ol’ pic.

After browsing for a while and then realizing bookstores aren’t totally my jam because I love books but don’t love paying for them, I pondered a million places to go and ended up grabbing food at Chipotle because #hungry and biking some more because #gorgeousday. OMG, I didn’t mention that yet! It was the sunniest, most beautiful day and everyone was happy and the birds were chirping and the brownstones were smiling. What a day to be in Brooklyn.

Pretty sure this is the house of one of my favorite bloggers. #NoShame #JK #ALittleShame

I did a lot of strolling around the area, checking out the ‘hoods. So different from Astoria!

All the brownstones. Lots had little bikes out front, and a bunch had little kids playing on the steps (aka trying to climb the steps while their frazzled parents tried to scurry them inside while holding scooters and helmets and backpacks).

I biked even more along the waterfront (this one was better kept that the Queens one) and headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park (where they hold Smorgasburg!). How beautiful, right?!

Okay, okay, lookin’ good.
All the blue skies. All the green grasses.
The Brooklyn Bridge! Because Brooklyn! And a bridge!!
Look at my fancy photog skills! JK, not great skills, just a good iPhone and sunny day. I take no credit other than schlepping my body to this location.

As I mentioned, the day was beyond glorious, so I set up shop on a bench (of which there are many) away from trees in case there were pigeons (of which there were few) and popped out a book! (Obviously.) I mean, truly living my best life — even though I didn’t get tan.

IMG_3965 (1).jpg
Also, talk to me about your thoughts on my shoes. They’re brand new. This was their first journey in the world.

Below is me modeling my shoes for a picture to someone. I don’t even remember who. But now it’s for you. And it lives on the blog. The photo is here to stay, forever.

Pls love my shoes. Look at how much they want to be loved.

Okay, you can’t super tell, but in the below picture, that store on the corner is a Shake Shack. I need you to understand how conflicted I was because I wanted a shake so, so badly… but was still so content from the previously mentioned Chipotle. In the end…


… I skipped the shake. I know, I know. A difficult decision. But a mature one.

After this, I ventured back to Manhattan a bought myself a new bike helmet (slightly more cool than the one I had, but only because the one I had was purple tye dye and from like, 6th grade). Then it was time for IcE cReAm!!!!!

Morgenstern’s was the plan, but look at that line. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Luckily, New York City is abundant with frozen treats, and so Anna and I (yup, we met up) ventured to another ice cream spot, OddFellows. Thankfully with a much shorter line. The ice cream was delicious (I embarrassingly don’t remember exactly what was in it) but can I be honest? It’s wasn’t the best. I’m becoming an ice cream connoisseur, and I have to say, I’ve spent less and had better. Or at least spent the same amount and had better (I’m sure you remember from other posts). Because ice cream in the city ain’t cheap, man!

Alas, after a dinner of ice cream I thought that was it… but then we grabbed matzah ball soup at this total hole-in-the-wall randomly kosher diner, B&H, that we go to. The weirdest ending to a really fun day of exploration!!

Gloriosity. New word, live it up.

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