Back From Haitus

Guess who’s back, back again? Bay is back, tell a friend! (Just kidding, keep this to yourself.)

Okay, let’s ease back into the New York thing. Because you’re not in New York. But I am. So here.

Down here is Central Park in New York. This pic was taken while walking around the reservoir. Lots of people were jogging. I wasn’t. Still enjoyed the view. 10/10 would recommend, without the cardio.


This pic was taken during the reservoir walk (not run). The flowers were in full bloom. It was very beautiful. Lots of people were taking lots of awkward photos. I hope mine wasn’t. But it might have been. 10/10 would recommend anyway, because legit it was stunning.


The below pics were taken during a lunch walk through Central Park. I know every day is in the 70s for you, but we’ve been straight up living four seasons in the past two weeks. This was during a summer day that was in May. It was disorienting but glorious. I sweat a lot. I also almost got a tan reading on a bench, but I didn’t. 10/10 would recommend both a walk in the park and reading in the park — with extra deoderant.

Yes, we all scream for ice cream. This photo below was taken downtown at Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. I was craving ice cream after dinner and I’m adult, so I indulged. I won’t lie — I really wanted regular ice cream and forgot this place only does soft serve, but it was still good. It was also a hot night (despite my scarf) and this straight up melted like five seconds after this pic was taken. Obviously this is a chocolate/vanilla swirl with rainbow sprinkles and the top dipped in chocolate (that whole deal is their specialty). Can you see my excitement? 10/10 would recommend, but maybe on a night where your ice cream wouldn’t melt quite so quickly.


The pic below on the left was taken on the Upper West Side, and the pic on the right is taken in Astoria! I CitiBiked halfway to work one day (not over the bridge) and then around Central Park after work. Straight up, half the time the rides were super pleasant and the other time it was so strenuous. Before you ask, yes, I brought my helmet. 10/10 would recommend because it was the perfect weather where it was warm enough to be outside on a bike, but cool enough that I wasn’t sweating bullets. WINNING!

Maybe this photo was taken at Bryant Park last week? Maybe it wasn’t. I don’t remember. But these flowers are gorgeous, so 10/10 would search the city for them. Maybe.


This pic was taken at Joe’s Pizza in the West Village. I was told it’s the best pizza in the city. I had one pepperoni slice and one cheese slice. They were both delicious. They were also both very hot because they’d just come out of the oven, which was a shame for the pepperoni slice especially because all the slices would slip toward the middle when I folded the pizza and make it very difficult to eat. But I don’t mean to complain! Literally, 10/10 would recommend. Not sure if it’s the best pizza ever, but yeahhhhhhh, it was goooood.


This final photo is iconic. I’m eating my pizza in the subway. Have you ever seen a more NYC photo? No, you haven’t. Let me tell you, I can’t think about this photo too much because it skeeves me out to think about eating food inthe same place homeless people pee… but also, 10/10 would recommend and do again.


Let me know — 10/10 would you recommend I post again sometime?!

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