The One Where I Became a Godmother!

It’s official: I’m a godmother.

He’s five months old, he’s small, he’s furry… and he’s a PUP!!! Meet Jax!


Safe to say, he’s essentially a puppy model — I mean, he’s even got blue-gray eyes. That’s model status!

Nicole and Evan adopted Jax from North Shore over the weekend, and I got to meet him the next day. He’s so freaking adorable!

See that orange and yellow toy? That’s my gift for the lil guy 🙂

Jax is joining a full house — Nicole and Evan already have two cats, Chloe and Aurora. But FINALLY a dog, thank goodness! He’s gonna grow to be so big (you can tell just by looking at his paws) and he’s gonna require a LOT of dog park runs…

He has a great temperament; honestly, he’s so chill it’s borderline scary. We were hanging out on our front lawn and cars were passing and even other dogs, and Jax would glance over but was otherwise totally unphased. So chill! Too chill? But SO CUTE. It ended up getting a little cold and he bretzel-ed himself up in Evan’s lap and he was so freaking cute I can’t even find the words to describe it.


So yes, now I get to be friends with a lil puppy who will soon be a not-so-little puppy who will soon be a dog and who will, later, become a BIG DOG. I’m VERY excited.


Puppy loooooove for the puppy model!

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