MAC Attack

The ballots are in, folks!

Yes, it’s that time of year when cabaret’s finest crooners, composers, and comedians come out for the annual MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) Awards, held at B.B. King Theater. You can learn a little about MAC — it was founded in 1983!

The annual awards show were attended, this year, by me, mom, dad, and special guest Jessica!

The Crew

We decided to get there early so we could eat dinner… and we didn’t realize how comical that would end up being. As you know, our special booth is in a perfect location. It’s also just a cocktail table. And cocktail tables don’t hold so many plates. There was a price fixe menu that included an appetizer, entree, and dessert, so naturally we all decided to go for that. Please keep in mind that means 3 courses x 4 people = 12 plates.

The waiter comes out of the kitchen with a tray and asks who ordered the caesar salad. Oh, that’s dad’s, so it’s set down in front of him. Then the waiter asks who ordered the cheesecake. HUH? Then the waiter shows us his tray, and there’s also a plate of salmon. He puts it all on the table, despite our confusion, and walks away — at which point we realize he brought all 3 courses of dad’s meal at once. Which meant… YUP. A few minutes later, when there are already 3 plates on our table and VERY limited room remaining, another bunch of plates get passed around. We got them to hold off on the desserts, but there were 6 more plates of salads and entrees, and at one point Jessica had a salad in each hand because there was no room on the table, and the waiter was STILL trying to hand her another plate. I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you I was laughing so hard, tears were STREAMING down my cheeks. Mom was cry-laughing a la ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy.’ Even Dad was laughing out loud. It was HILARIOUS.

IMG_2948Anyway, focusing on the actual program… as always, the talent was great. These people can SING! There were a bunch of college students that performed (we didn’t stay long enough to see if the high schoolers performed), and they were incredible. No surprise. Between the live music and the singing, Jessica and I made a decision to seek out cabaret places and try to go! (Did you know I actually went to a cabaret show with a few friends in the Berkshires on a whim a few years ago!?)


Overall, it was another award-winning night… for the winners. An evening of drag queens, tiny tables, and never-ending cheesecake… who could want more?!

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