Great news: John Mulaney live is JUST as good as he is on Netflix. Or better. Can I get an amen?!

This was Harold’s first time at Radio City! Have you ever been? Did you know the Tony’s are hosted there? It’s actually SO big and beautiful!

Last Friday, after waiting nearly five months after buying the tickets, I went to Radio City Music Hall to see John Mulaney live! Jennie and I had purchased two tickets each — they were $40 each and we figured we’d find friends to come with us! Surprise: we did! Jennie’s sister and Harold joined us and after a dinner at Melt Shop (wait, HOLD ON because after looking at the link I looked at their locations to see if there’s one in California… look at where they have shops and YOU TELL ME WHICH ONE IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS)… hmm, where was I… Right! So we had dinner there and then headed over to the show!


The opener was a comedian whose name I don’t remember (shocker) but who was actually VERY funny! That’s pretty impressive! Of course, the only joke of his I remember is one that’s not funny… but I swear, he was good! After him, they announced someone else, and this sort of old guy came up to the organ in the theater and explained to everyone how it powers all these instruments placed all around the Music Hall, and then he launched into a few covers of some random-ass songs. When I tell you it was very uncomfortable and very confusing, I am being verrrrrrry generous. To give you an idea of how random this was, people all around me started buzzing and asking whether we were being pranked, wondering when John Mulaney would come out and say surprise, or even wondering whether staff would pull this dude off stage. IT. WAS. SO. WEIRD. I honestly can’t even describe it, but suffice to say I was literally rendered speechless for like, a solid minute. Yup.

Anyway, after that, John came out! YAY WE LOVE JOHN!

Find John, find John!!

Yes, he was hilarious. Yes, I was LOLing. Yes, he was everything I wanted him to be and more! He opened by saying this was like a school assembly and reminding us how assemblies usually ended with kids misbehaving, and then you’d have a follow-up assembly to the assembly… it was SO funny. Then he spoke for a while about a guy who used to come to his school and talk to the elementary kids about “STREET SMARTS!” It was all hilarious. He also spoke about his wife and how she’s Jewish (a favorite trope of mine) and told a story about how she thought the painting of the last supper was actually all the apostles gathered together for Thanksgiving dinner, lolz. Oh! And he said how he doesn’t have kids, but has a dog, and how he and his wife push their pup around the streets in a little stroller and people always try to peer in at the baby… there was tons more funny stuff — I was only disappointed because it lasted only a little more than an hour! I could listen to him for HOURS! He’s so great!


Also, did you notice how fancy the stage is? He actually did four or five shows over the course of the weekend, and we noticed them filming — I think it’s gonna be a Netflix special, so you’ll get to see it soon!


After the show, we split up and Harold and I went to Juniors for dessert! There are now two in Times Square and we stumbled into the newest one. Diners in the middle of Times Square is seriously so confusing to the brain…


That’s a strawberry milkshake, a slice of raspberry swirl cheesecake, and a bit of my coffee 🙂 Unpictured are the fries that we ended up ordering because honestly, how can you sit in a diner like that and not get fries?! Anyway, I’m usually very anti-cheesecake but I must tell you, THIS WAS DELICIOUS. The picture might look good, but it tasted even better. Yummmmmm. I was trying to think of the last time I’d been to Juniors, and it might have been when we went with Grandma Belle — do you remember that?

Well, it was a wonderful evening, full of belly laughs and laughing from a full belly. No really, I ate SO much. And laughed SO much. I guess now I love cheesecake (except not all cheesecake, this just one) and John Mulaney. There are worse things!!

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