Let’s TACOBOUT Cancun

Hola! I escaped a cold New York weekend last month and jetted off to Cancun with my friends Anna and Ilanna. This was conveniently shortly after a few absolutely unbearable frigid days when I legitimately worried that there would never be enough socks in the world to keep my toes warm. (Currently, crisis averted, since the high in NY was about 60 degrees today…)

Anyway, here are some higgity-highlights, culled based on my memory, patience, photo stash… and my guess about what you’d actually be interested in. Without further ado, in alpha order:


You’ll notice that there’s a MEALS section below, but BREAKFAST is its own entity because it was arguably the best part of the trip. We found a grocery store on our first full day and stocked up on a TON of bananas, bread, nutella, milk, and cereal, among other things. In the mornings, we’d make our little breakfasts and coffee and sit outside on our patio overlooking the pool. It was so relaxing and gorgeous, even if it was a little chilly. I’ve always wanted a closed sunroom if I ever buy a house, and this made me realize I DEFINITELY NEED one.



If you go to Cancun and don’t get an alcoholic drink, did you ever really go to Mexico? The answer is no, Adam, no you did not. You may think you did, but you didn’t. It’s confusing, I know. Well, I DID go to Cancun, and here is my drink.

Can you figure out which hand is mine? And are all the drinks the same? (WILL WE EVER KNOW?!) 


Fun fact: don’t go to downtown Cancun. Just… you don’t need to. We were hoping it would be a cultural experience, but to be honest, the shops that people recommended we visit were just a hotbed of shop owners pawning off tchotchkes at lower and lower prices the farther away we stepped. It was actually sort of disappointing! But the markets we went to — pretty well nestled in the downtown — were pretty large and easy to get lost in, so we spent a while walking through the window outside corridors checking out all the colorful skulls, jewelry, toys, and sombreros.

Translation: Market 28 (you’re welcome)
You only reached this sign after you were a few turns deep into the market, which was a little confusing and fairly disorienting.
Straight up, Imma be real with you — this photo was taken probably 2 minutes before I epically dropped a little turtle figurine (WHICH THANK GOODNESS WAS WORTH LIKE $2). Basically, I picked up the little turtle and knocked over a bunch, and one lil guy fell off the shelf, and it bounced about six times in my hands until it crashed across the floor and I very quickly yelled, “I’ll buy it!” (fun fact: the turle is pink, there’s only a very little crack on her shell, and I gave her to Harold)
Aren’t these gorgeous?! Also, this is a pretty decent picture so appreciate it please. Thank you.


Let’s get down to food. Sooooo, since the tap water in Mexico is no bueno, that means it’s also safest to avoid eating greens like salads. And since I eat carefully when I’m traveling, let’s just say this was a kind of bland food trip for me in terms of variety. But in terms of actual food? It was YUM YUM! Why? AvocaDON’T you know???? It’s all about that CGSZ, baby:

C is for CHALLAH, aka the appetizer on our table at the only kosher restaurant we went to. Which was actually super delicious… and Italian.
G is for GUAC and literally it’s amazing and if it wasn’t super weird to lick this bowl, I would have. We came back to this place a second time for guac. And we actually tried ordering two orders at once, but the waiter was very confusing and only served us one. We were very upset and very embarrassed. But mostly upset.
S is for SHRIMP which was in my little quesadillas on the left-hand side. They were super delicious (plus I always got avocado dipping sauce). Yummmmm.
Z is for Zucaritas. I’m embarrassed you didn’t know that (don’t pretend you did).


At the recommendation of one of Anna’s colleagues — and a few people Ilanna spoke to — we decided to do a day trip to Tulum to visit some ancient Mayan ruins. What I was hoping would be one of the trip’s highlights turned out to be a lot of hours in a (very comfortable) mini bus dealing with the nonstop standard Apple ringtone that our driver seemed deaf to and very little learning about the Mayans. The ultimate perk was that we picked up a family at the Royalton, and decided that this is the most secluded and extra place to vacation but of course if we had the money, we’d drop it here. I recommend checking out the gallery. You also need to understand that this is super secluded from any other resorts, and it’s actually about a 2 mile drive from a main road! So exclusive!

Anyway, from the short time we spent in Tulum, it was beautiful and sunny and warm, and we had fun!

Entering the ruins!
So happy because it’s so sunny!



We spent an afternoon at the beach, walking along the water for a while and then lounging and reading. It was so relaxing! As someone who’s not super into that, I was a big fan!


The next day, even though it was a little chilly, I made sure to get use out of my bathing suit and Ilanna and I spent a while in the pool. Confusingly, we were the only ones in it at the time… and yes, the pool is much bigger than what you see here. And YES! That’s a bar in a pool! I was so sad it was closed by the time we took the plunge!


But more than the water I splashed in or walked through, I should mention the water BOTTLES. During our grocery trip, I rallied hard to buy a pack of 24 water bottles — that’s a pretty aggressive amount given our 3 full days in Mexico. But I’m proud to say we finished them all, except for maybe one!!! After the first day, when it was clear we were drinking so many, I insisted on collecting them on a shelf in our condo (yes condo — it was part of a time share so there was a big bedroom with a king bed, a huge bathroom, a large living room, dining area, and full kitchen):


So overall, the trip was relaxing: on Shabbat, we played Bananagrams (no, they didn’t stop me either way at airport security) and Set; our days started off with gorgeous views; and we didn’t have a ton of scheduled activities we were jumping around to. I’ll admit it was nice to come home and eat a salad that I’d been daydreaming about — though I’ll also admit my stomach freaked outtttt the first few days we were back in the States.

Don’t you love me?!



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