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Ironic that I’m writing this post as I’m basically falling asleep, but would you believe I’ve been to Daybreaker TWICE now?

What is Daybreaker, you may ask. Its name is literal: begin the day (aka early AF in the morning) with a PUMPED UP rave. Yes, rave. Like the kind where there’s loud music and ltos of dancing and drinking and eating and people going crazy. Except replace the alcohol with yuppie coffee and the drunken singing with lots of wellness mantras. It toes the line between amazingly upbeat, inspirational, and fun … and super stupid, overrated, and baaaaaasic.

They’re in a bunch of cities but surprisingly not San Diego. Yet, I guess. They’ll hit all the major cities that millennials are in, trust me.

Anyway, in New York they have one event every six or eight weeks (I’m on their email list). The event starts at 7am (with optional yoga beginning at 6am – LOL) and ends at 9am. It’s usually held at a small venue — the first one I went to with Valerie last summer was at a place I’d been to for a concert with Jessica! — but lately they’ve been trying to host some Daybreakers on boats (sounds mis). Ours was at a place allllll the way on the west side of Manhattan aka very very very far from me.

From left: Sara (yay!), Bay (ayyyy!), Jennie (yay!), and me (yay!)

Each Daybreaker has a different theme (the one Valerie and I went to was themed 90s), and this one was at the beginning of January so it was themed ‘new years.’ Literally their email talked about how you should wear sequins and sparkles and shimmery stuff. It was very aggressive. Also, despite the events being so damn early in the morning, people go ALL OUT. No joke. (To be fair, I’m convinced that like 90% of the people who go don’t have full-time jobs — or if they do, they work at home.) The picture above doesn’t present it super well, but we took the theme to heart — Jennie, Sara, and I even went out during lunch one day specifically to procure our outfits!

We met up at Jennie’s apartment in the morning to drop off stuff, put on sparkly temporary tattoos, and talk about how incredible it was that we were all (somewhat) functioning at 7 in the morning. Keep in mind, this meant I woke up that morning at 6. #CryMeARiver


We got to the venue a little after it started (after walking for 15 minutes in the FRIGID January weather, which I know you can’t really understand). We entered the space and this is basically what we saw… Yes, the dude in the middle is a huge, weird dinosaur. Yes, the dude on the right is in complete gold body paint and looks like a member of the Village People. Yes, yes, yes. THEME, Adam, THEEEEEEME. What you can’t see (unfortunately) is the literally PACKED dance floor with hundreds of people. And boy were people movin’. And smellin’. We were crushed behind a dude who kept lifting his hands and giving us the most awful whiff of BO. No bueno.

You can see our sparkles better! And look at my hand! Temporary tattoo! I’m so cool!

This pic was taken outside the performance/music room, where it was slightly calmer but also a little weirder because seeing people in metallic spandex is sort of unnerving in florescent light.

Anyway, this Daybreaker was a little more disappointing than the other one — probably because the other one was themed 90s, so they played a constant stream of 90s music, and we were able to sing along to nearly 90% of it! Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls — it all made for a good time. At this one, they played club music nearly the whole time, so there were never any words to sing along to. When it’s that early, you need some lyrics to get the mind moving!


They DID give out some favors, though, including these above. What are those called again? I don’t even know. Also, fun fact: the photo doesn’t convey the fun that a video would. #sad


During Daybreaker, they always feature a random performance or two. Early on, they had a girl playing an electric violin or something. Don’t get me wrong — she was very cool and very good. But that’s not exactly what’s gonna wake me up and get my pumped to start that day at the crack of dawn. Later in the morning, they had this band. In the picture, you see them on the stage. They were not there the whole time. They made their entrance into the room on the floor and walked through all the people. When I tell you it took us a solid 5 minutes of looking around and asking each other, “Don’t you feel like you hear a tuba or something?!” to find them, I am NOT exaggerating. I thought I was going crazy. They were good! But again — could have used some Macklemore or heck, even an addictive One Direction song to get me really on my feet.


Don’t get me wrong — we had a great time! And a little before 9, we headed out (because I had a 9am meeting that I’d told Alex I would be late for, LOL). Me, Sara, and Jennie did a quick change and got to the office as if nothing had even happened — and people would have been none the wiser if not for my hand tattoo and Jennie’s very visible shimmery eyeshadow and Sara telling everyone, “WE WENT TO DAYBREAKER!”

Final verdict: fun, but wouldn’t do it again unless it was another 90s themed partayyyyyyy! No regrets though: it was fun to take advantage of this kind of opportunity with a bunch of friends from work, and then live the rest of the day knowing we’d had a crazy morning together! And for the record, I shockingly TOTALLY had energy the whole day!

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