Tea for Two

Not every post is about some amazing adventure. Sometimes, you need to slow down and smell the tea. That’s right, the tea.

I know, you’re a little confused: “Erica, this is bay cafe. You love all things coffee. CAWFEE. Coffeeeeeeeee. What’s going on?! This isn’t on brand!”

But here’s the thing, sometimes you try something new (aka tea) while remembering your true love (aka coffee). And when a new tea house in Astoria comes a-calling, I have to a-answer.


Jessica and I checked out Prince Tea House in Astoria, only a few blocks away from my apartment on Steinway Street. Steinway is pretty interesting — it’s a commercial street where the storefront range from McDonalds to discount clothes to Skechers to a whole Middle Eastern stretch with tons of restaurants and hookah lounges. But interspersed, there are a lot of empty storefronts for rent, and it’s actually pretty sad to walk down.

Prince Tea House is in a populated area but, as we approached in the teen-degree weather, we got nervous it was already closed. The windows literally looked OPAQUE. Turns out it wasn’t paper up on the windows — it was STEAM from the heat inside. LOL.

This was at the back of the place. Turn left, and you can go to the bathroom. AND WHAT A NICE BATHROOM IT WAS. (Jessica and I were very concerned that the floating shelves would fall and all the cups would break…)

This location is based on the original, which is in Flushing. I mean, just check out those Yelp ratings!!

Anyway, it’s very cute inside and there are about a billion different teas (and some coffees, if you’re gonna be THAT person) to choose from. We asked our very patient waitress’ opinion, and she recommended the Rose milk tea. And for some food, we got Pate A Choux, which is sort of like a sweet biscuit cut in half with ice cream in the middle! We got red bean ice cream, green tea ice cream, and, because they were out of chocolate, oreo ice cream. So authentic, I know.


The tea was really good! It was milky, unlike the Lipton tea I make at home with a simple tea bag and has a water base. And they have very fancy matching china, so they bring the tea out in a little teapot and put it on a stand with a candle inside to keep it warm! And then you get to feel very fancy as you pour yourself cups. Ah, to be sophisticated for an afternoon…


My one issue was my genuine concern — how do they always match the correct teapot with the cup with the saucer with the baby spoon?? How many different sets do they have? What if a cup breaks? How often do the cups break? Do they wash and dry the dishes by hand, since surely these are too delicate for a washing machine? Truly, so many questions.

Overall verdict, though, is that it was GREAT! It’s nice to find a place where you can order a little bit and stay relaxing and talking for a LONG bit 🙂

The teapot was photogenic, what can I say…

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