Erica and Jennie’s Day of Fun!

Are you very excited? I’m very excited. IT’S 2018! I feel like the first post of 2018 should be about something fun… how about Erica and Jennie’s Day of Fun?! (In other words, a random Wednesday that my friend, Jennie, and I took off from work for a totally unplanned, super spontaneous, very fun day in the city!) Why? Because WHY THE HECK NOT!

We started off the day at the box office for School of Rock and decided we’d try for early morning rush tickets. If you go to the actual theaters the morning of performances, it’s a decent bet you can snag some tix at a great price! After an informational meeting in the morning, I headed over to the School of Rock box office to meet Jennie, and we snagged a pair of tickets in the left orchestra! Not bad!

It was a super duper cold day (this was in late December) but Jennie and I decided to trek to the Upper West Side for brunch to grab some gluten free pancakes for her and some deeeelicious eggs benedict for me. We went to this adorable little neighborhood diner which was wonderful except it was so small that every time someone opened the door, the gust of wind basically froze me to my core. #casual

After our luxorious brunch we headed downtown to Google’s pop-up shop in the Flatiron!


Turns out the pop-up had been up for a few weeks already, but it was new to us! They were trying to showcase their new phone (don’t even remember its name), but we took FULL advantage of all the experiential activities! First up? THE BALL PIT. Because I’m an adult.

Me and Jennie in the ball pit. Can you find us? Or better yet, can you find out static-y hair?

So here’s the thing: the ball pit was super fun. But also, I can never go back to that ball pit. I mean, obviously I literally can’t, because it’s already been dismantled at this point. But mostly the reason is because, before you go in, a Google person chats you up and is like ‘blah blah be an adult and put your loose items in this locker with your shoes’ and I was a millennial and all ‘right right but Imma keep my phone on me for the pics.’ Long story short? I lost my phone in the ball pit. I’m not joking AT ALL when I tell you there was a period of about 2 minutes when I was fully confident I was not coming home with a phone. I was phone-less. Never to be contacted again. Lost forever amongst the Google spheres.

This is probably how my phone felt.

So, okay, it’s not a spoiler to tell you that yes, I found my phone. The other people in the ball pit (only two girls, nbd) left and me, Jennie, and a very kind Googler who clearly had done this before began sifting through the balls. (During this time, I nearly lost a sock and was basically ready to quit the day.) I should note, I wasn’t stressed so much as embarrassed. I had been expressly warned this might happen! Anyway, the phone was found, it was wonderful, we cheered, we hugged, we GTFO of there.

Next up was the VR experience. You sat on a little bench and they’d bring over a VR thing for you, you’d put it on, and BAM! you didn’t know what was going on. Nah… actually, it wasn’t as immersive as I was expecting. It worked kind of like a game console, where you chose from a few different basic games to play. I think there was something wrong with mine because I REALLY wanted to play this fun racing game, but in order to make my car turn, I had to literally twist my neck around. I turned to Jennie at one point and was like, “Um…. I feel like this isn’t how it’s supposed to work because I’m so dizzy…” So, sadly, I had to take off the VR set and didn’t love that part. Womp.

Jennie enjoyed her VR set, probably because her little sensor drove her car the way it’s supposed to and she didn’t break her neck -_-

After that, we headed in the Google photo booth! It was basically an enclosed area where a Googler took your picture with a camera, and there were fun backgrounds you could choose from. It was surprisingly very fun.


Can you tell we were enjoying ERICA AND JENNIE’S DAY OF FUN?
There were many photos to take – so quickly! – and we ran out of poses.

After the photoshoot, before we left, we checked out this VERY AWESOME wall. I can’t even describe it… but here goes! There were tons of buttons and they lit up so it seemed like there were actual animations. Very cool. You could choose a bunch of ways to interact with the wall, and Jennie and I played pong. IT. WAS. SO. COOL. Here are two random people kind of playing pong, too.

See the joy on that guy’s face? He wishes he were part of ERICA AND JENNIE’S DAY OF FUN!

After warming up sufficiently at the Google pop-up, Jennie and I traversed to Union Square and spent some time at Dylan’s Candy Bar (looking! not eating!) and then headed back uptown to the theater district. By this point I was clearly craving sour candies — who wouldn’t after extensive perusing at Dylan’s? — so Jennie indulged me by walking to MULTIPLE newsstands in the frigid cold until we found someone selling sour patch. #success

Finally it was time for our show!


We had decent seats, but ended up moving up a bunch of rows for the second act. It wasn’t the best show I’ve ever seen, but it was entertaining. And the kids are CRAZY talented! And the lead actor is a SCARY amazing clone of Jack Black, with his voice and mannerisms and everything. Very well done and a total feel good movie that was ideal for our afternoon.


When the show was over, we parted ways into the cold, cold evening — just about 5 pm! So when our coworkers were finishing up an exhausting day of stress and phone calls and meetings, we were finishing up ERICA AND JENNIE’S DAY OF FUN!!

Most ironic part of it all? That weekend, I caught School of Rock on TV. LOL.

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