Saturday Night in the City

Do you remember that musical “The Wedding Singer”? And this song? Ah, that’s the theme of this post.

Last Saturday Harold and I headed into Manhattan. After walking around Bryant Park and visiting the library (a visit to that area simply isn’t complete without making good use of my library card), we headed to Korea Town-ish to grab dinner. We went to this place Turntable Chicken Jazz — I think I might’ve mentioned it here before? It’s got a really cool retro vibe and served a mix of Asian- and southern-style food. A super weird combo, but hey, it works!


We started off with an appetizer — hush puppies! It’s basically balls of cornbread that are fried (?) and this awesome dip that at first was super spicy but after a bite or two was the perfect level of tang. Literally we polished this off in like, five minutes. SO GOOD. And so bizarrely southern.


Then we split a big platter of wings and drums — and split them half soy garlic and half hot. Let me pause for a minute because I really need to explain to you how AMAZING these wings are. Harold and I have both become wing critics (him a little moreso than I am), and while some people only consider sauce, it’s also about how well the meat is cooked and its tenderness and the amount of meat per piece and the texture of the skin. All of their chicken is double fried which means the outside is so perfectly crunchy and light; I’ve truly never tasted anything like it. And then right inside, the meat is so juicy and tender, it’s amazing. They don’t pile on the sauce (so it doesn’t get ALL over your hands), but there’s just enough that it really soaks into the skin. JUST YUM. I’ll also say that their soy garlic is deeeeelish — and their hot is holy-shit-where’s-my-water-ah-that’s-not-enough-oh-now-my-mouth-is-sorta-numb-I’ll-just-eat-another HOT. Aka Harold loves them.


After that, we just HAD to get dessert. After lots (and I mean lots) of research, we planned to head downtown to Mikey Likes It for ice cream. Their menu is pretty small — and they only have a single flavor of the month that rotates — and the shop was even smaller. At one point I think 8 customers were in there and they were starting to spill out the front door! Anyway, check out the menu and guess what we each got before scrolling!!


After a few tastes and much debate, I opted for the Brady Bunch and Harold got the Pink Floyd. (I have to say, I’m not really a strawberry fan but holy shit, that was some good ice cream!) Mine was super yummy — no regrets!


The verdict? Very good, but no need for another visit. If I’m in the area I’d definitely go back, but there are too many good ice cream spots I need to cross of my bucket list and this one didn’t WOW me the way Levain cookies did a few months ago 😉


After ice cream, in a very unexpected turn of events, we were mere blocks away from Upright Citizens Brigade’s East Village location, where Mom and Dad were seeing an improv show. So we decided to join!! We got there minutes before the show started and entered the room LITERALLY the second the lights went out. Crazy timing. (P.S. You can find out some info about UCB here, but it’s a comedy group that now has two locations in the city and performs both sketch and improv comedy.) Our show was an hour long and the format was, in my opinion, weird: two 25-minute-ish long improv sketches. For the first one, they interviewed someone from the audience about a weird living situation (the guy spoke about a former roommate who used to steal his utensils and then claim they were being stolen by ghosts, except it got raunchier than that). Then the four comedians would do all these mini sketches riffing off that. At first, they were relevant… and then they got sort of crazy and unrelated and just flat out unfunny.

After a little intermission, they asked everyone to name a noun, and proceeded to base their next set of sketches off of the word “carrot.” Weird, you may think. Correct, I would say. There were a ton of just totally bonkers scenes about some farmer and these crop circles and then someone being drunk at a bar and going to Japan… or was that the first sketch? Honestly, I think short and sweet is the kind of improv I like. The way this was formatted forced the comedians to draw out a joke and keep it alive for longer than it should be. Not ideal.IMG_2081

It was super fun, though! And I’m really glad I went. That’s the trick about improv — it’s totally hit or miss!! One of my favorite parts was the sign outside the bathroom (above). Hope you’re part of the clean asshole club!

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