The Little Engine That Wouldn’t

The day that I was fearing has come: October 23, 2017. The day the MTA decided to give me the biggest first world problem ever. UGH. And I can’t even complain about it because I feel like such a turd (but when has that stopped me before!?).

That’s right — the MTA shut down my station (30th Avenue) and another two stops away on my line (36th Avenue) for the next 8 months (so they say…). This is part of a larger MTA initiative to upgrade stations — you can see some of the renderings in this article, which is worth a read if you’d like. There’s another station in Queens that was recently finished, but I can’t find the darn link with pics… Anyway, I understand this basic concept, and I agree with it! The stations were built in 1917 — it’s about time they got some rehab! But the alternatives are a tough adjustment, especially when I’ve been spoiled living so close to my current station, and 8 months is a wild amount of time. I’m torn between sympathizing (I KNOOOOW) with the MTA and being a cranky ass commuter.

I was VERY clever taking this picture. I thought I’d snag the last pic of me entering the platform as I swiped through… and now, as I look through the photos I took, I realize you have literally NO IDEA I’m even at my 30th Ave station. SO SMART, ERICA, WELL DONE.

They revealed some of the enhancements the stations would be getting — like totally renovated mezzanines where you purchase tickets and wifi access — but it became clear more recently that the improvement didn’t include elevators. Can’t believe I didn’t notice that before… SUCH ANGER. MUCH UPSET. VERY BULLSHIT. This gives a pretty good overview — and it’s a video, wheeee!

This was a very sad day. Very, very sad.

So clearly I’ve already thrown myself a pity party and I need to uninvite my guests and get over it. I’m lucky to have alternatives — walk 2 or 3 avenues north or south and find another station, walk ~11 avenues east and find another station, take a new CitiBike and bike to who-knows-where. But I had it so good before!! And I’ve already seen in the past two days how cranky everyone is (and how sweaty I get from walking farther faster in this bizarre October heat).

Anyway, PITY PARTY ADJOURNED. Let’s move on to food, shall we??

Tonight I had an impromptu dinner with my friend Ilanna at by Chloe, a vegan restaurant that’s actually deeeeeeelish. I had the quinoa taco salad — it’s one of my faves because it’s freaking amazing and SO filling!! The restaurant is always beyond packed, mostly with 20- and 30-somethings who are clearly looking for Instagrammable locales, and this hits the nail on the head. Anyway, if you look through the menu, their guac burger is also VERY good and a few of my friends basically swear by the pesto pasta (not much of a pesto girl myself, TBH). Also, can we talk about their chipotle aioli sauce (pictured below), which is the most amazing level of spice and tang and is just incredible?

It’s hard to be unhappy when you’re staring at this, amiright?!

LOL just noticed this now — so Ilanna and I ordered the same thing and took each other’s tray, but clearly they spelled her name as “ALANA”…. lolzzzzz.

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