Grab Yer Helmet

There are so many things you can do when you grow up in the suburbs that you can’t in the city. Play catch in your front yard, run a lemonade stand (without attracting infinite creeps), let your dog off its leash (with a reasonable degree of certainty it won’t be chased by pigeons or homeless people or yuppies). And ride a bike.

It’s funny how much we take for granted until we’re pulled out of our element! I’ve been missing riding a bike for a while now — the thought of grabbing a bike, strapping on a helmet, and riding around aimlessly for as long or short as you want with relative ease is something I just can’t do in NYC. Enter: Citi Bike (ish).

You can learn more about Citi Bike here, but suffice to say this bike share program is a much-needed way to get in an outdoor cycling fix. I know a few co-workers who Citi Bike to work (some take the hour-plus commute from Brookyln!) and a lot of people who use it recreationally on the weekends. Actually, one time I rode to work — I biked across the Queensboro Bridge and literally thought I wasn’t going to make it — I’m NOT JOKING. That’s a horror story for another time though…

Two of my friends and I decided to go biking after work one night the other week, once the sun set and it was a little less hot.


We met up downtown (with the idea to ride as far uptown as we wanted) near the Bowling Green/South Ferry station — that’s the tippy bottom of the Wall Street (take a look). And we started out route uptown! It wasn’t packed, but there were a lot of people out for early evening!


We rode along a little biking trail on the west side that starts as a random trail between towering buildings, and then filters off to near the Hudson. You might recognize the below building we passed…

YES I took this photo while biking. WHILE. BIKING.

We continued uptown, passing some tennis courts at Hudson River Park and a bunch of buildings that I recognize SOLELY because I’ve biked this path a few times before, lolz.

What even is this, the sunset? What was I thinking? Was I testing my camera?

Around 14th Street we decided to slow it down — it was getting sort of late and we hadn’t eaten! So we headed east to find a dock to park our bikes (turns out we parked right next to the southern-most tip of the High Line). Then, after docking, we popped our helmets into our bags and you’d never even know we’d gone riding! How cool is that? (But also, you def could tell I was biking because my hair was AHHHH.)

We ended up at Chelsea Market for dinner — it’s sort of an indoor mall where there are tons of boutiquey shops and small restaurants/food courts. Actually, not mall, MARKETPLACE. I feel like that’s more accurate 😉 Anyway, after a tense and awkward conversation with a man at the bagel shop (I REALLY wanted a bagel), I ended up with the below slice of pizza which, YES, was as delicious as it looks.


And I know you’re wondering but no, I didn’t bike home from Chelsea Market. Girl’s gotta work on her quads first! But in very exciting news, just in the past few weeks, Citi Bike has officially expanded into Astoria!! So now I can easily pick up a bike right around here — there’s actually a dock two blocks away from me. (Before this, I had to take the train a few stops and grab a dock right near the bridge.) Very cool stuff. Maybe I’ll become a biker. Or maybe I won’t. Hm…

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