Bikes and… BIKES

Today was nearly 90 degrees, and what do you do on a September day that feels like the peak of July? Go for a bike ride, of course!


Dad and I headed out to Long Island City to Gantry Plaza State Park, a super beautiful park on the waterfront of LIC overlooking Midtown East. The actual path along the waterfront isn’t very long, which is a shame, but we ended up riding around the streets and in between the massive apartment buildings. It’s a pretty crazy area: there are expensive-looking, totally modern buildings that are only a few blocks away from fairly run-down industrial outposts. And some of the places that look decrepit are actually new hot spots — we passed an abandoned looking building that we realized was actually a bowling alley!


While we were riding around, we saw a huge group of people… dressed really dapper… surrounded by tons of motorcycles.


Props to Dad for approaching a guy and asking what was going on! Turns out it’s called the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and it’s organized for cancer research. Their site has some cool FAQ’s — it’s crazy that this is a real fundraiser! So neat!

Everyone was super dressed up…

It was a bunch of the nicest-looking people on the most badass-looking vehicles. LOL. Oh New York, the only place where you can stumble upon something like this…


I wish I counted how many of them there were, but they were POURING down the street.

Motorcyles as far as the eye can see… revving their engines and riding for good!

After watching the mass exodus of the ‘cycles, we continued our own cycle until I was dripping with sweat. I forgot how HOT heat is! I know that sounds ridiculous, but until you’re riding a bike in nearly 90 degree weather with limited shade, you won’t quite understand.

Later — when I FaceTimed you! — I went to Brooklyn and ended up at one of my favorite coffee places, sitting outside and reading. What a view…


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