Game, Set, Match

How better to celebrate Labor Day than with a dad-daughter trip to the US Open? (Let it be known, the second ticket was intended for mom, who had to work. I was the second choice — and I was COOL with it.)

IMG_1927 (1)

Let it also be known: the weekend’s weather was rough. Saturday it rained like crazy, and Sunday got nice after being humid and hazy for hours. So it wasn’t looking promising for Monday. Little did I know, it was going to be GLORIOUSSSSSS. Seriously. The perfect weather: sunny, high 70s/low 80s, clear sky. Yes, please!

That’s my dad! He asked me to take this picture!

The fun part about the US Open is that, in addition to watch the A-list players (ahem, Nadal), you can also watch unranked, unknown players who are seriously KICK-ASS-AMAZING. Since it was later in the series, many of the courts were actually filled with juniors matches and man oh man, they were insane. It’s such a unique experience to see people serving at 80+ MPH only a few feet away from you! Or, in the case of Arthur Ashe stadium, a bazillion feet away…

We stayed at the Open for about 6 1/2 hours — it was a full-day situation! We saw tons of matches: juniors, pros, singles, doubles. In Ashe, we saw part of Nadal’s match (he won, #duh) and then caught the entirety of Coco Vandeweghe’s match (she’s ranked #20 and also won). Coco’s match was pretty funny because the announcer was pronouncing her name as wan-dah-weh instead of van-duh-way (maybe you had to be there…). I also hadn’t heard of Coco before, but after learning shes younger than me (born in Dec 1991), I can say I’m truly wondering what I’ve been doing these past 26 years.


I haven’t been to the Open in so long, and it was so nice to go back! Even though it’s mad expensive, I need to remember to get tickets again next year… it’s so cool to be around so many tennis fans and to bounce around to the different matches. Plus, I totally got an itch to play tennis again and kept thinking about how much I miss holding a racquet!

Do you love how derpy I look with the little radio around my neck?

And of course, I have to support events in my borough! Can I get a HOLLA for Queens??? *insert emoji with the hands making the weird rainbow* That’s right — the US Open is held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens! Also home to the Unisphere from the 1964 World’s Fair!


For sure coming back — thanks MTA! Don’t think I’ll ever NOT think that racquet looks like it’s for badminton…

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