Eatin’ My Way Through San Diego

It’s no surprise that I spent the past week in SAN DIEGO with the coolest brother ever 😉 It seems redundant to document the trip here, but hey, at Bay Cafe we do what we want! So without further ado, here’s a different perspective of the trip: via FOOD.


How can you visit San Diego (less than an hour’s drive from the Mexican border) and not have at least half of your meals in Mexican restaurants? That’s a trick question. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.


Thumbs up to the choice of El Chingon, right in the Gaslamp District. Cool vibe? CHECK. Good music? CHECK. Delicious clips and salsa? CHECK. Huge-ass burrito? CHECKKKKKK. Freakin’ amazing meat? CHECK!!!!!!! Sad that my stomach couldn’t fit it all? Check 😦






Don’t make fun of me for this specific category – it’s necessary! I’ve had In N Out once before, when I went to Texas with the Ridgewood, but this experience was super fun because we ate inside and got to see the chaos firsthand. Literally, it’s as busy as the McDonalds in Times Square, despite there basically being three things on the menu.


No shame about taking that picture. We worked up an appetite after the “workplace tour” and I wanted to document our meal. Ironic that when we ate inside, we were probably riiiiight inside the window with the “open” sign on it!

Fast forward three cheesebugers (two of them doubles) and two fries (one animal style, yaaaas) later, and it’s safe to say we were crazy full. Like, crazy. Like, can’t finish our fries. Like, no regrets but also need a bathroom please.




To many millennials, this is the best meal of all time. Brunch encapsulates everything wonderful about the world. I’m not that much of a fanatic… but damn, we had some good brunchin’ in San Diego.

Exhibit A: barleymash

Close and convenient, tons of outdoor seats, friendly staff, yes pleaaaase. And it doubles as a crazy popular place to go out at night?! OK! After overhearing a rave review for the Pretzel Benedict, I had to go for it #GoodDecision. The not as good decision was the iced coffee served in a can — whaaaat? Side note, that was my first foray into the legittttt cold brew in San Diego and I’ll tell you, the west coast do NOT mess around with their caffeine.

Literally, I’m so hungry right now.

Exhibit B: Breakfast Republic

We got this rec from one of Jessica’s co-workers who lived in San Diego, and it was a good one! The wait was crazy long but we got to spy on approx. a million dogs sooooo it was sort of worth it? It was nearly impossible to choose from the menu because everything looked so good (and then the waiter recommended all the dishes we were eyeing anyway), but I’d say we made some 10/10 decisions. (PS, still awkward that we were like the only table to not order champagne…)

Jambalayaaaaaaaa babyyyyyy!


No trip is complete without ice cream. That should be a travel manta. We didn’t make it to The Baked Bear (not Big Bear), but we DID make it to Hammonds in North Park, which is famous for their ice cream flights! (That basically means a serving of teeny tiny ice cream cones so you can taste a bunch in small portions!) You’re lying if these aren’t the cutest widdle baby cones you’ve ever seen. My flavors were all distinct and SO GOOD (Kona coffee, cinnamon swirl, and blueberry cheesecake) and it was the perfect amount for a palate cleanser. Although very difficult to photograph well…

All in all, I’d say we ate pretty well. So much more to try on the next trip. Can you say YUM YUM YUM????

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