A Night for Laughs

Impromptu plans are such a New York thing. Hop on a subway and it’s so easy… usually. I guess it can happen anywhere, anytime, but especially for me — I don’t have a pet to walk, a child to feed, an assignment to finish, a bedtime to catch. Honestly, there are really only three things that’ll make me pass on pop-up plans:

1. Stomach ache (legit)
2. Having previous plans
3. No good book with me
(#3 is real — I always carry a good book, a pack of gum, tissues, and usually a snack, and if I don’t have a good book, a subway ride alone is such a nightmare)

Anyway, today I was all good, so when my friend Jocelyn mentioned she had an extra ticket to a comedy show, I knew I’d end up filling the seat. We went to a place called the Comedy Cellar at the Village Underground, which Jocelyn explained is an expanded location of the Comedy Cellar (I’d never heard of it).

IMG_1606It had been a pretty bleary day so I was looking forward to some laughs (I bet it never looks like that in San Diego, huh? I imagine blue skies 100% of the time.). Joc knew about the show because she’s friendly with the emcee, this guy named Sherrod Small. I bet you’ve heard of him. He’s been on Best Week Ever… he also currently co-hosts a podcast called Race Wars – I wonder if you’ve heard of it? [EDITOR’S NOTE: in proofreading my post, I realize I made two bets in this paragraph. Damn.]

IMG_1607In addition to the two co-hosts, I think there were five comedians — 4 guys and a girl. I was sort of surprised! I thought they’d have evened it out a little more. They got funnier as the night wore on, and I can never tell if that’s because they genuinely save the funnier people for later (when people are more drunk) or if it’s because I enjoy comedy more after a drink? A truly existential question.

One of the comedians was Chris DiStefano (he was on Girl Code and Guy Code). He’s really funny! This isn’t his best, but worth a watch. And this guy Pete Lee performed, and he was good! He had a big Wisconsin schtick all about innocence; here’s some of his recent stuff. The closer (like the last performer, not the nearer person) was Chris Rock’s brother, Tony Rock (they’re cousins with the emcee Sherrod) and duuuuuude, he was funny!! Have you seen him before? He legit looks so much like Chris Rock.


I don’t see a ton of comedy, but this was good! Not great or amazing, but definitely good. Sometimes you want the real belly laughs and I didn’t get those, but I definitely chuckled a ton. Also, weirdly, three comedians in a row made jokes about peanut allergies. Is that what the comedy world is coming to? Jokes about not being able to have a PB&J?? C’mon now.

IMG_1610The comedy place was downtown on 3rd street, and I ended up walking uptown to Union Square (do you know what street that is?) and snapped this pic above ’cause I wanted to share it with you. It looked cooler on my phone, so let’s pretend it’s artsy and great.

Oh! And we were seated at these booths, so at the end we chatted with the other people and there was a couple from Ireland and England who were — get this — spending the month road tripping across the US! How cool! They’d just come from Boston and were heading next to Philly, then DC, then Asheville, then Nashville (LOL). The girl had a super thick Irish accent and it was SO hard to talk to her without mimicking it. You understand the struggle, right?

I’ll end this post with a joke that a man told me last week when I went to visit a nursing home, one of UJA’s partner agencies:

What’s the worst animal to play poker with?

A cheetah!!!!!!! (I’d said a card shark and I thought it wasn’t half bad)

I shall begin my stand-up career today!

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